Brain Power: Painting and the Brain

Many visitors find painting custom wood signs in our Monroe County, PA studio fun and easy. However, they often fail to notice one of the main benefits of paintings: added brain power. There is a reason care homes offer painting classes for their residents, and that is due to studies that show this goes beyond being merely a creative outlet. Here are six ways painting promotes mental health:

  • Improved memory: Painting involves conceptual visualization, which is proven to strengthen the mind overall. In fact, those who regularly indulge in painting, writing and drawing have a lower chance of experiencing mental decline as they age. This arises because coming to a concept and then implementing it through visual art literally exercises the brain.
  • Better social skills: Creating art encourages expression of one’s innermost thoughts. Since it does not require coming up with just the right words or confronting another person, painting allows thoughts to flow more freely. This expands into socializing. Shy or reserved people share aspects of their personality more openly, and feelings that are challenging to describe come to the surface. People who paint tend to share more and open up to others much better.
  • Stress relief: Stress contributes to many illnesses and has a hand in mental decline. One way to turn back the clock on years of accumulated stress is to indulge in hobbies that reduce it. Painting is one of those activities. Since it is an effective emotional release and outlet, people find that it relieves stress and keeps it from building to an unmanageable level. It is a period of time where one can let go and think about something other than problems. This improved peace of mind contributes to better mental health.
  • Promotes optimism: Sometimes, the virtue of painting something is just knowing you finished a project and accomplished something. This act makes everything seem more manageable and hopeful. People often leave a painting class with a more optimistic attitude and feeling that they can accomplish anything. They can take this attitude into other areas of their lives, whether that is a stressful job or a challenging home situation.
  • Emotional growth: There is a reason why art and painting are prominent in mental health treatment. Since it allows for wordless expression, people can address their emotions without words. Instead, they can visualize them to canvas or wood and work them out conceptually. As people continue to paint, their emotional intelligence and range continues to grow. They learn what triggers different emotions, whether they are experiencing anger, grief or sadness, or even positive emotions, like pride or happiness.
  • Creative outlet: Many people walk through our studio claiming they cannot paint. They consider themselves analytical or “left brained,” not creative or artistic. However, anyone can paint. Even painting a wood sign inspires creative abilities, and your creation does not need to be perfect to be beneficial. Just do it and enjoy it as an end in itself.

Enjoy the mind benefits of painting custom wood signs in Monroe County, PA by seeing what our studio has to offer. Contact Absolutely Board Creative Studio today to book a class!

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