Farmhouse Decor Can Go Anywhere

Few aesthetic touches speak to the nature of the United States quite like farmhouse decor. The American farmhouse is a testament to the industrious spirit and hard-working mentality of the country. It’s a timeless tribute to a period when people were more self-sufficient, and when days weren’t quite so complicated. Now, you can incorporate these beautiful touches into your interior decor with minimal hassle, using personalized wood signs in Monroe County, PA and other pieces.

Start with light, neutral colors

Before you make a whole lot of specific changes to your home in the quest to achieve a farmhouse feel, it’s best to start with a base color layer that will complement your overall design. That means starting with neutral colors like cream, off-white, faded beige and light gray.

Black is modern

If your ultimate goal is modern-day American farmhouse interior decor, then you can’t be afraid of adding black accents whenever applicable. Metal doors, windows with black trim and black light fixtures are just a few of the things that can add extra flavor to your home.

Looking for industrial fixtures and accents, which commonly come in black varieties, is another fantastic way to modernize your farmhouse style.

Go wood or go home

As you might expect, acquiring wooden items is a great way to recapture the rugged, but welcoming feel of the classic American farmhouse. Though it’s never a bad idea to start your search looking for wooden furniture, there are several ways to incorporate wood into your home design. Consider adding wooden crossbeams to your ceiling, a wooden mantle on an unused wall or even a personalized wood sign in Monroe County, PA.

Adventurous designers might also consider adding shiplap, a specialized kind of wooden plank that’s easy to install and makes perfect fodder for an accent wall or even an entire room.

Keep it simple

When you shift into decorator mode, it’s entirely possible to go a little overboard. Before you even realize what’s happening, you’ll find your home overstuffed and uncomfortable. So, when you begin your home’s transformation into a gorgeous American farmhouse, try to take thing slowly. It can be extremely helpful to start with a single focal point and move forward from there.

A customized farmhouse touch

The modern farmhouse is an increasingly popular choice among even the highest rung of designers studying interior decor. And now you can bring it home in a way that’s all your own. At Absolutely Board Creative Studio, we empower DIY designers to craft their own personal emblem in the same vein as a modern American farmhouse.

Whether you’re a DIY rookie, a seasoned professional or a master crafter, Absolutely Board Creative Studio has something to ignite your passion and hone your skills. Our highly-trained creative staff is ready and waiting to bring your creative dreams to life with a personalized wood sign in Monroe County, PA.

Our wide variety of classes are always starting anew. It’s time to put your personal touch on your home. Call or stop by Absolutely Board Creative Studio today to find out what we can do for you.

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