Experiment #1: Unconventional Art Surfaces

Sure, you could use a traditional canvas for your next creative project, but why limit yourself to this option when there are a variety of art surface types in Monroe County, PA waiting to be explored?

Unconventional art surfaces in Monroe County, PA can unleash the imagination and allow you to develop new styles and creations that simply aren’t possible with traditional materials. For your next project, consider trying one of the following art surface types to create something truly unique:

  • Metal: Metal offers a different type of painting experience than other art surface types in Monroe County, PA. Choose an old cookie tin, soda can or oil can to experiment. Vintage items such as wagons or other recycled items can provide great artistic experiences.
  • Rusted metal: Rust provides a living and ever-changing element to your artwork. You can incorporate the rust to continue to change your piece over time, or you can use primers and resins to lock in the current look of the rust. The corrosion provides texture and an intriguing array of hues and shades.
  • Wood: This material offers nearly limitless options to explore. The porous surface of wood allows for great experimentation. Choose a hard or soft wood for different sensations. Select the perfect grain for the look you desire. Wood can help you create truly fascinating works of art.
  • Glass: Glass is great for adding a layer of light to your art. The material manipulates light to create myriad effects. It is a great choice for developing unique sculptures and paintings. You can even make the surface opaque by applying a neutral wash to the background before you add your painted design.
  • Concrete: Wet concrete provides the perfect surface for textures, stamping and other designs. It offers versatility, since you can use it in any mold and cast to create the shape you desire. Once dried, concrete is still porous, so you can try different resins, stains and plasters to create unique works of art.
  • Leaves: Did you know that art supplies grow on trees? Leaves, once dried, can provide a great canvas for your next painting. Create delicate pieces of artwork on these tiny canvases. Or, weave dried leaves together to make a larger canvas.
  • Plastic: Do you have access to any old toys? Why not turn those old blocks, dolls or other plastic toys into art projects? Plastic toys might be one of the most unconventional art surfaces in Monroe County, PA, but they can provide a great surface for paints and a wonderful outlet for your creativity.

Start experimenting

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