The Ultimate Pen and Marker Guide

As you plan your next project, one of the key questions is which tools to use. When you’re working on hand lettering in Monroe County, PA, your writing utensil is of the utmost importance. Which one should you choose?

Of course, the answer depends on several factors, including what other materials you have selected, personal preference and the desired outcome of the project. Use the following guide to determine which tool to use for various tasks, from woodworking to calligraphy lettering in Monroe County, PA.

Permanent markers

The word “permanent” can be intimidating. A stroke with one of these markers can’t be undone. But don’t let that stop you from making good use of a Sharpie. These markers are available in ultra-fine and chisel tips and in a variety of colors and metallics. They work well for hand lettering in Monroe County, PA on glass, wood, metal, painted surfaces, terracotta, paper and plastic.

Permanent markers are affordable and easy to control. Just remember that they will bleed if used on fabric or untreated wood. They also don’t perform well on canvas or textured surfaces. You’ll also need to replace them over time, as the tips will begin to fray with use, but at least it won’t cost much when it’s time to buy new ones.

Paint pens

These pens are filled with paint and feature a marker-like tip so you can easily control the flow of the paint. They are available in multiple colors as well as metallics and come in fine-bullet tip, medium-bullet tip, chisel tip and super tip. They feature non-toxic acrylic paint and are acid-free and photo safe.

Paint pens work well on fabric, metal, foam board, ceramic, wood, plastic, clay, terracotta and glass. They are good for textured surfaces and won’t damage delicate items. They also dry quickly, and the tips hold up great even with frequent use. Just be sure to buy quality paint pens, since poorly-made pens can cause drips on your project when the paint flows out too quickly or the tip falls out.

Chalk pens

Do you like the look of chalkboard projects, but not care for chalk? Then this is the tool for you. Chalk pens and markers are available in metallics, neons and pastels. They are wet-erasable and function more like a grease pen than a marker. These pens work well on blackboards (of course), as well as mirrors, glass, canvas and wood.

This tool provides the look of real chalk but eliminates the mess of chalk. The colors show up well on light and dark materials. The main downside is “ghosting”—a chalk pen might not wipe off completely. These are also not the best choice for detail work, since they feature a broad tip, so if you want to create tiny hand lettering in Monroe County, PA, you should choose a different pen style.

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