Trick of the Trade: A How-to Guide to Font Stencils

Would you like to ramp up your skills with wood sign stencils in Monroe County, PA? It’s easier than you might think. Whether you’re a skilled crafter or a newbie, you can follow some simple steps to stenciling that will allow you to create beautiful signs in no time.

Use the following font stencil guide in Monroe County, PA to get started with this technique. For more information on how to make gorgeous wooden signs, stop in to your local design shop, Absolutely Board Creative Studio.

1. Stain it

Stenciling works great if you want to stain your wooden sign rather than paint it. So, to start, select your board, then sand it and stain it with your desired wood finish. As you select the stain color, keep in mind what paint you’d like to use for your font stencil. Certain colors pop more with certain stains, so choose a good contrasting combination.

2. Stencil it

The next step is to choose or create your stencil. You can buy a ready-made stencil, or you can use a crafting machine to design and cut out a stencil of your own.

Once you have the stencil, use transfer paper to apply the stencil to your wooden piece. Cover it with a layer of decoupage so the paint doesn’t seep outside the stencil lines during your next step.

3. Paint it

Once the decoupage has dried, you can fill in the letters/shapes of your stencil with paint. Get creative with your colors to produce a finished piece that is truly your own.

4. Finish it

Let the paint dry for five to 10 minutes. It should start to set, but don’t let it dry completely. Then, carefully remove the stencil. Voila! You have a beautiful wooden sign made with your own two hands.

5. Retouch it

If you discover that your wood sign stencils in Monroe County, PA allowed a bit of seepage while you painted, do not despair. In most cases, you can use a Sharpie marker or a small brush and some stain to cover up the imperfections. Simply write or paint over any stray flecks of paint to sharpen up the edges of the stencil lines. Once you’re finished with this retouching, it’s likely you won’t be able to tell where the seepage occurred.

6. Learn more about it

If you’d like to learn more than what is offered in this brief font stencil guide in Monroe County, PA, the. experts at Absolutely Board Creative Studio are available to help you. You can discover more tricks of the trade to create absolutely stunning works of art.

Get creative

At Absolutely Board Creative Studio, we offer a large variety of hands-on, personalized experiences. We’ll turn you into a do-it-yourself master by offering resources and tools to help you create your perfect sign. From the wood to the color, to the imperfections that make your creation unique, we’ll help bring your creation to life. Call or stop by today to get started with wood sign stencils in Monroe County, PA.

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